Combined our interests into a diverse and fun expedition

Suzan is very experienced as a traveller and as a resident of Bali, she has wonderfully in depth knowledge of Bali, and travel needs. Suzan is able to show visitors what they are looking for in their travels. She knows who to ask and where to find information about local attractions. Suzan has always been able to show me what I’m looking for when traveling. We have been able to travel together by combining our interests into a diverse, and fun expedition.

I definitely want to visit your place again

Thanks for a very beautiful experience at your Swallow House. I enjoyed your company and the talks, and I loved the tours you took me on. Wayan’s guiding and Putri’ cooking were excellent. I definitely want to visit your place again. I did go back to the two temples you showed me and spent some every quiet hours there. Nobody there but me.

A truly beautiful and peaceful experience

I went on holiday to Bali in December of 2013. I stayed a couple of nights in the Swallow guest house. It was a truely beautiful and peaceful experience to stay in this guesthouse in the middle of the rice fields in Ubud. Wayan and his wife (who is an incredible cook) are very welcoming and perfect hosts. Wayan is a very friendly guy and I enjoyed touring around Ubud with him.

As a woman travelling alone, I was very grateful

Suzan’s sensitivity to my needs and most important, to me, to the local culture and ecology of the area led to the best day of my journey in Bali… active, relaxing, delicious whole organic food, quality gifts from local artisans, health spas, and the beauty of the natural ecosystem.

I already want to go back there

I had a wonderful time Suzan. Thank you so much. It is such a special place. I already want to go back there. It is so good to find something that hasn’t been discovered by the tour leaders. I loved the Swallow house and am full of admiration for the way you live, so integrated with the Balinese community and helping them to do amazing things. Thanks for the photos.