Korean Cooking with Pottery


Tour Route: Busan – Gyeongju – Seoul

Travel back in time to the Ancient Kingdom of the Shilla Dynasty (BC 57 – AD 935) in eastern South Korea. Referred to as the Millennial City, Gyeongju was the capital of the dynasty that unified the Korean peninsula for the first time. Gyeongju and the surrounding areas of Ulsan, Pohang, Youngduk, and Andong are home to a wealth of ancient history, forgotten temples, and hidden pagodas. You will walk the streets and paths of royalty while sampling food fit for kings. This tour gives you the unique opportunity to try your hand at making your own pottery, eating with monks, and learning how to make a few of the amazing dishes you will sample along the way.


Stroll the white sandy Haeundae Beach named by a Silla scholar and try traditional games at the Folk Square or visit the spa to relieve any jet-lag. Night tour of Busan along Korea’s 2nd longest suspension bridge built between two beaches seeing the modern colours of Korea’s southern port city. Morning madness at Jalgalchi market, Korea’s largest fish market, offers a chance to sample raw delicacies prepared by the Jalgalchi Ajumma. Drive the coastal route to Gyeongju stopping at a beach-side temple adorned with lanterns. Feast like a King on Hobakjun & Kalguksu at a really cool king’s feast restaurant that used to be a place where men were waited on by women near Gaelim Forest Royal Tombs and Ice House. Hidden in the mountains, saunter through UNESCO World Heritage cultural treasures from Royal Tombs and Seokguram, BulguksaTemples from the Silla Dynasty (BC 57 – AD 935). Follow the stone stairs that link the earthly world below to the world of Buddha above. Taste amazing potbingsu at the Herb garden over the hill from Soekuram. Walk around the amazing traditional ceramic artisan Minseok Village. Try your pottery skills on the wheel as the King’s potters did and make Sompyong traditional rice cake in a large dugout stone with a wooden mallet. Step back in time in traditional Yangdong Folk Village [UNESCO World Heritage] where the local elders live as their ancestors did and sample unique regional tastes and stay in authentic Korean Hanok home-stay on the beach, sample kimchi and prepare healthy local cuisine using earthen ware. Short hike to Bogyeongsa temple and waterfalls. Relax the muscles and cook your egg at a wooden chimchilbang and sauna in Gyeoungju. Experience mindfulness at a Buddhist Korean temple stay while enjoying cooking a vegetarian temple meal with a happy monk. Be a real tourist in Dynamic Seoul and freely explore amoung giant city scrappers and the Royal Palace, Namdaemun- old style and night market, Dongdaemun knock-off clothing and accessory market, and Insadong- art and traditional arts and craft market. Theatre night! Cooking Nanta, a nonverbal comedy performance has thrilled audiences since its first debut and best performance winner at the Edinburg Fringe Festival in Scotland. Without the sense of sight, the senses of touch, taste, hearing and smell are intensified, arising a new perception of reality arises – a unique opportunity to experience dining in the dark! Spend a night gazing at the half-moon 1.4km Gwangalli Bridge joining white sandy beaches in Busan

Myanmar: Golden Heart Tour

On-location Workshop Information coming soon Contact: Geko Treker


Join seasoned travel veteran, Suzan Badgley from Geko Treker and social historian Wanya from Holland, off the beaten track to interact with the locals on a journey through historical Golden Burma. Creep into the ancient monasteries and pagodas for a glimpse of life from another time. Stroll down the 7km beach hearing only the soft roll of the waves lapping the soft powdered sands of Ngapali Beach.


  • Evening sunset at U-Bein Bridge, the worlds longest wooden bridge across the Ayarwaddy River
  • Cruise down in sunrise light, the mighty Mekong River to Bagan by sunset
  • Travel by donkey cart back in time through World Heritage site of Old Bagan. Capture hidden interior paintings in the shadows of light, climb to the temple tops to see the vastness of the ancient kingdom glittering in gold
  • Stroll along the 7k of Ngapali Beach dipping in the reflections along the clean waters edge
  • Chat with the local fishers drying fish in the sunshine before enjoying a fish BBQ
  • Wonder the back streets in central Myanmar where recently tourists are able to visit, visit dusty local towns and engage in everyday life activities
  • Visit art galleries and colonial building in the old capital Yangoon

Papua Explorer Tour


Organizer: Gekogear Treker

Deposit: 50% due 7 days after booking


  • Airfare from Bali
  • 9 Nights Meals and Accommodation at Guesthouse
  • Kayak rental
Indonesia is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society of about 80 million people. There are more than 300 different indigenous languages spoken throughout this vast archipelago, many islands have little in common with each other. Papua, rich in exotic environments both above and below the waters edge with friendly ethnic diverse people, is divided into 2 provinces, West Papua Province and Papua Province. The Raja Ampat (‘Four Kings’) archipelago, located in West Papua Province, is 9.8 million acres of land and sea. Local daily activities are fishing, gathering and selling food. Baliem, Asmat are also remote regions of Papua Province where the Dani People live. Their sculpture and craftsmanship are well known among the other tribes. We will visit and stay in a traditional homes in local villages surrounded by various local plants and animals, such as the rare Birds of Paradise. Located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of some of the world’s richest bio-diverse coral reefs, the seas around Raja Ampat are recorded to hold the largest variety of marine species in the world. – Kayak4conservation Mansuar Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Raja and surrounded by incredible crystal clear and clean coral reef full of an amazing variety of tropical fish and giant Manta Rays with white fine sandy beaches. There are two islands of Mansuar. One is the big one and the other is the small one. The small Mansuar is also known as Kri Island, named after Kri Eco Resort built on the island. We hope to link with Kri for a kayaking expedition to the smaller remote islands.   [/su_column][/su_row]

Workshop Focus:

  • Gekotour designs Slow Travel ECO Tourism Workshops to experience culture and local life with open heart and mind. Focus towards helping village environment, health and education threw donation and hands-on workshop activities bringing joint awareness between island local villagers and tourist traveller.
  • Workshop examples: cooking, fishing, food preparation for harvest, basket making, Ikat weaving, water collecting, organic farming, making tools, animal rehabilitation, and health projects
  • Extra Activity: snorkeling, fishing, diving, photography, mountain/jungle trek with sherpa, insect and bird watching, horse riding.
  • Accommodation: MIX of med/high guesthouse, ECO lodge style, home-stay, tenting, boat med/high standard

Enchanted Bali Compassionate Arts Tour

A Karma Arts Workshop

The focus of the Enchanted Bali Workshop is to immerse clients in Karma philosophy and traditional Balinese arts and culture. By engaging interactively in the Balinese everyday activities and working closely with Yayasan (NGO) communities where collective donations will be given, respecting the Trinity of Life – Man, Environment and Spirit is prompted. Personal sketching plein-air, intertwined with leisure activities is geared to provide a balanced travel adventure.  

Fairtrade Tourism

Gekotours is committed to ethical travel with respect to environment and people and their cultural and religious beliefs. On- tour, local guide and Geko Treker provide information on destination, etiquette, cultural customs and rules to lesson offensive or imposing action. Interaction with NGO and community projects is a large part of Gekotour activities. Donations are given directly to projects in local area.          


  • Spend an afternoon at PKP Womans Centre practicing English, painting, cooking or sewing with the local women empowerment project
  • Join in the laughter at The Childrens Learning Centre in Pejeng by engaging in their daily activities
  • Visit nearby waterfall and 600yr stone relief carvings in the Ancient Pejeng Kingdom
  • Cook up a traditional Balinese meal with Ibu Sari and her culinary team at the Womens Centre and meet a local famous artist for a Traditional Balinese painting class
  • Join Swallow Guesthouse hosts Wayan and Putri at their family compound and how to make coconut oil
  • Be pampered at an Ubud healing spa after shopping in the local markets for handicrafts
  • Meet and donate art supplies at the Handicapped Artist Community
  • Visit a family run Coffee and Spice Co-operative in the hills of Tampaksiring
  • Learn how the coastal people make Sea-Salt before spending time snorkeling the corals around the volcanic coast
  • Explore the traditional Bali Aga self-sustainable weaving village with a local guide


  • Sanur
  • Nusa Lembongan
  • Ubud
  • Pejeng
  • Tampaksiring

Tour Cost Includes

  • Airport transfer on arrival and departure
  • Local guides, drivers and teachers
  • Privately escorted by Suzan Badgley from Gekotour
  • Transportation for tour activities
  • Accommodation in recommended hotels (twin share / Single supplement $225)
  • Most meals (B) breakfast, (L) lunch, (D) dinner
  • Tour Entrance Fees

Not Included

  • Airfare and Departure Tax
  • Optional tipping
  • Alcohol and Personal Items
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transportation and meals for self-directed activities
  PLEASE NOTE: Deposit required at time of booking: $ 400 per person Balance is required 14 days prior to departure  

Also available, customized small group adventures for your friends, or family

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Travel Photography Workshop for Beginners


On-Location: Bali-Lombok

  Bali offers amazing culture in REAL local community. For centuries, exposed to the camera lens, click and flash of the curious tamu foreigner, Balinese tolerate and rejoice the fact outsiders take interest in their unique traditions and encourage participation. Seen in century old oil paintings, big nose and khaki shirt foreigners shooting with camera at ceremony gatherings. The small islands East of Lombok are inhabited by fisher gypsy families coming from Sulawesi 5 generations ago. Today, the quiet island has no cars or scooters, offering quiet location for creative beach and sunset photography. With respect to cultural etiquettes, we learn to use our camera and lenses to capture unique experiences in both enchanting environments.  


  Gekotour invites amateur DSLR digital camera photographers and travel enthusiasts to explore by lens and palate a cultural journey on-location through the Islands, beaches, and volcanic lakes of the Gods. Combining theory and practicum experience, students learn from Travel Photographer Cristobal Ruiz, a trained young eye, how to make engaging street, portrait and food photography with multiple composition technique, light exposure, and digital editing. Join seasoned travel veteran, Suzan Badgley the Geko Treker, off the beaten track to interact and share activities with the locals of Bali and Lombok Island.
Cristobal Ruiz
Cristobal Ruiz Geko Workshop Facilitator
Gekotour invites amateur photographers and travel enthusiasts to explore by lens and palate a cultural journey through the Islands, beaches, and volcanic lakes of the Gods. Learn from a trained young eye, Travel Photography while exploring the cultural diversities of Bali and Lombok Island. Join seasoned travel veteran, Suzan Badgley the Geko Treker, off the beaten track to interact and share activities with the locals.              

Highlights: 14 days

  • Stay in coastal beach bungalows and volcano and rice field ECO retreats
  • Enjoy real countryside explorations with local guides
  • Join local women in their family compound to study traditional Balinese countryside cuisine
  • Trek through rice fields capturing local farmers tending cows and crops
  • Walk along volcano crater to spice plantations and jungle waterfalls
  • Stroll beaches and ride horse carts around island
  • Shoot magnificent sunsets dipping into the shallow seas
  • Visit coffee coop and try roasting famous Lewak coffee
  • Cook with local herbs and spices for medicinal purposes
  • Join fishing expedition and return to shore to cook your catch with fishing families

Lesson Plan


Lesson 1: Introduction

  In day one we will get to know each other, learn why we are here and what can we expect from the course. An introduction to photography will be taught and we will get ready for the adventure ahead of us for the next 10 days. We will review each others gear and we will make sure everyone has the necessary goods for the road.

Lesson 2: Camera and Lens

  Getting to know our cameras:
  • How does a digital camera work?
  • The three basics: ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture
  • Manual mode and other choices when travelling
  • Choosing lenses for different purposes: portraits, landscape
  • Why light is so important in photography
  • What is white balance?

Lesson 3: Epic Light Equals Epic Photo

  We will learn the following:
  • How important is light to photography
  • How it will affect the quality of our photos.
  • What are the best times during the day to make photographs
  • How to take good sunrise and sunset photos

Lesson 4: Subjects and Composition for Photographing People

  Learn to shoot portraits, both candid and planned:
  • Secrets techniques to approach people close. How to get a portrait of that mysterious old man that I see but I don’t know how to approach him?
  • Composition is one of the most important aspects of photography: Adding the necessary ingredients to make a good photograph.
  • Rules and breaking the rules of photography.

Lesson 5: Lets Shoot Natural Landscapes!

  Review lens and composition options for landscape photography to make epic photographs of your holiday experiences.
  • Should I include people in my photographs?
  • What is a panoramic photo?
  • How do I make justice with what I see in a photograph?

Lesson 6: Long Exposures for Night Photography

  • Learn different techniques to achieve amazing star and sky shots.
  • Explore taking surreal photos of moving objects during the night.

Lesson 7: Post Processing. What do we do with all your photos?

  Learn the basics of post processing and editing a photograph in a digital darkroom session: exposure, highlights, contrast and saturation to achieve fabulous looking photographs.

Lesson 8: Photography is Art

  Review and apply the techniques learned during the trip with photography games and challenges. Free to explore and ask questions.

Lesson 9: Portfolio Review

  Review our portfolios and share best photographs during the trip. Discuss and learn from each others vision of photography.

Lesson 10: Wind-up Celebration

  Sadly after ten amazing days of hiking through volcanoes, walking in temples and enjoying the amazing ocean it is time to say good bye!  

Tentative Daily Schedule

1 Sanur Orientation Pick-up at airport and transport to hotel Free
2 Klungkung Lesson #1: Intro to Camera Justice of Peace and Royal Palace, Sea Salt, Textile market Free afternoon
3 Padangbai Lesson #2: Black and White Photography Tenganan Aga Village Junkung boat and snorkeling tour
4 Gili Meno Lesson #3: Portrait Photography Horse cart around the island snapping glimpses of the local activities Free for afternoon exploration and relaxation, snorkeling with the turtles
5 Gili Air Lesson #4: Cooking class: Puri Air Resort and Spa traditional Lombok style OPTIONAL: Massage on the Beach! Night creative shots
6 Amed Lesson #5: Tour around the active volcano to weaving village, visit coastal fishing village Fish BBQ on the beach with dance performance by Anak Childrens Education Centre
7 Amed Lesson #6: OPTIONAL: Early Morning Fishing with local Fishers on traditional Juking dugout boat Trekking through cashew plantation to Holy Springs for unique tastes and forest shots
8 Singaraja – Munduk Lesson #7: Morning market in the old trading port Historical walking tour with GUIDE:
9 Munduk Lesson #8: Dutch Colonial Spice Trail to Waterfall Cooking colonial foods
10 Munduk Lesson #9: Trek and canoe in the volcanic crater finding 600-1000 yr temples nestled in the serene surrounding
11 Pejeng Follow the footsteps of the ancient Majapahit Kingdom viewing meditation chambers, bathing springs Temple ceremony with Wayan
12 Pejeng Lesson #10: Presentation Village and POP walk with Pasta, organic farm and cacao plantation Spice Plantation, Holy Water Spring Titra Empul, cooking with Putri
13 Ubud Monkey Forrest, Wood carvers and Art gallery Free evening to enjoy dinner and traditional Dance
14 Check-out for next destination