Organizer: Gekogear Treker

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  • Airfare from Bali
  • 9 Nights Meals and Accommodation at Guesthouse
  • Kayak rental
Indonesia is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society of about 80 million people. There are more than 300 different indigenous languages spoken throughout this vast archipelago, many islands have little in common with each other. Papua, rich in exotic environments both above and below the water’s edge with friendly ethnic diverse people, is divided into 2 provinces, West Papua Province and Papua Province. The Raja Ampat (‘Four Kings’) archipelago, located in West Papua Province, is 9.8 million acres of land and sea. Local daily activities are fishing, gathering and selling food. Baliem, Asmat are also remote regions of Papua Province where the Dani People live. Their sculpture and craftsmanship are well known among the other tribes. We will visit and stay in a traditional homes in local villages surrounded by various local plants and animals, such as the rare Birds of Paradise. “Located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of some of the world’s richest bio-diverse coral reefs, the seas around Raja Ampat are recorded to hold the largest variety of marine species in the world.” – Kayak4conservation Mansuar Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Raja and surrounded by incredible crystal clear and clean coral reef full of an amazing variety of tropical fish and giant Manta Rays with white fine sandy beaches. There are two islands of Mansuar. One is the big one and the other is the small one. The small Mansuar is also known as Kri Island, named after Kri Eco Resort built on the island. We hope to link with Kri for a kayaking expedition to the smaller remote islands.

Workshop Focus:

  • Gekotour designs Slow Travel ECO Tourism Workshops to experience culture and local life with open heart and mind. Focus towards helping village environment, health and education threw donation and hands-on workshop activities bringing joint awareness between island local villagers and tourist traveller.
  • Workshop examples: cooking, fishing, food preparation for harvest, basket making, Ikat weaving, water collecting, organic farming, making tools, animal rehabilitation, and health projects
  • Extra Activity: snorkeling, fishing, diving, photography, mountain/jungle trek with sherpa, insect and bird watching, horse riding.
  • Accommodation: MIX of med/high guesthouse, ECO lodge style, home-stay, tenting, boat med/high standard
Papua Explorer Tour