Guest: Linda Williams
Nationality: USA
Age: 61

Coming to Bali was a last minute decision for a holiday while working in Okinawa, Japan. Made the reservations 2 days in advance and had no time to plan. I like to travel and explore alone, but not usually in a foreign country for the first time… so… when I got off the airplane at midnight in Bali and ended up in a not so desirable hotel, I was very uneasy.

I met Suzan by accident the next day while looking for a restaurant from a travel guide. She invited me to lunch and recommended a great place to stay ( very reasonably priced in a lush setting, close to shopping, sites, and, a quiet getaway to retreat from the madness of tourism. I ran into Suzan again and she quite naturally showed me the area she knows and loves so well, speaking English and the local dialect.

Suzan’s sensitivity to my needs and most important, to me, to the local culture and ecology of the area led to the best day of my journey in Bali… active, relaxing, delicious whole organic food, quality gifts from local artisans, health spas, and the beauty of the natural ecosystem.

As a woman travelling alone, I was very grateful for Suzan’s gentle guidance and assistance. Thank you so much for your friendship and guidance.

-Linda Williams, Daytona Beach, Florida
As a woman travelling alone, I was very grateful