Bali to Flores

Guest Name: Liz Bailey
Number in party: 2
Country of origin: Canada
Age: 60
Any physical challenges: no

Duration of tour: 1 week, January 2012
Location visited: Flores, Rinca National Park, Komodo National Park
Tour: Bali to Flores, 2 Days at Wai Cuci Resort, 4 days on the Maestro Catamaran, Flores to Bali.


How did your guide assist you on tour? Suzan found the catamaran for the 4 day trip. Suzan was able to find us a reasonable and clean hotel on the last night we were on Flores. She found us a lovely place to swim the next day before we returned to Bali.

How was the guide’s interaction with the locals? Suzan is a very interested person who found many people to talk to and to show us life in Flores. We enjoyed our time talking with local people and walking around the town.

How did the guide help you organise your trip? Suzan and I discussed what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and organized our stay at Wai Cuci Resort and on the catamaran. My main interest in going to Flores was to go to Komodo National Park so going to 2 different islands in the park was exciting for me.

What were the positive qualities you saw in the guide? Suzan is very experienced as a traveller and as a resident of Bali, she has wonderfully in depth knowledge of Bali, and travel needs. Suzan is able to show visitors what they are looking for in their travels. She knows who to ask and where to find information about local attractions. Suzan has always been able to show me what I’m looking for when traveling. We have been able to travel together by combining our interests into a diverse, and fun expedition.

What would you suggest could be an improvement? Suzan has a good grasp of the tourism industry, specifically eco-tourism, and local attractions. I think she might (any guide would) find a questionnaire useful that would allow tourists and visitors to detail what they are looking for before traveling to Bali or Flores. Suzan is able to find the most amazing places that are often “off the beaten path” that give visitors more than just a taste of the culture of the areas.

Was the financial aspect of the tour fair? I was very pleased with the financial aspect of the tour. I explained that I wasn’t rich so she was able to plan around my ability to pay. I very much appreciated her consideration in this matter. We didn’t stint on activities or travel but we didn’t travel first class either.

Would you like to join another Companion Tour in the future? I would love to travel to Battambang, Cambodia with Suzan: it’s the last place in Asia that is on my bucket list. Unfortunately, I have run out of time in Asia to do that so maybe in 5-10 years when I manage to get back in the area, we’ll be able to do that one.

Other comments or concerns: I know that Suzan has had many other travel adventures and she has always been able to plan and accommodate other people’s wishes and needs. She is always taking pictures and shares them with her traveling companions as mementos of good times and good friends.

Hey Suzan, I know that we have usually had good luck (give r take) when traveling together. The luck is because you are a careful planner and we get along so well. Your touring abilities have come a long way since 2009 and I think the links that you have forged through the trips that you have taken (spiritual as well as physical trips) are standing you well.

And yes, I am making an effort to take more pics of people as well as places.

This has been fun!!!!
Love ya!!!

Combined our interests into a diverse and fun expedition