Geko Workshop Facilitator

Cristobal Ruiz

Chile / Bali / Germany
Workshop: Photography

CristobalGone West - Photographer/Filmmaker

Born and raised in the Chilean Patagonia, I'm a young curious human, on a mission to travel this world looking for hidden treasures. I moved to North Vancouver when I was 19 and continue to spend most time in the western mountain range, planning explorations and photographing nature. Travel photography is my strong point as I am in love with travelling. It allows me to document the things I see and save the stories behind the faces of those I meet. Currently I contribute to a beautiful organization called Gone West whose mission is to create a collective geographical guide of the planet. I hope to inspire others with the same ideals to create conscience about our planet by sharing what’s captured threw our photographic lenses. By offering an On-Location Amateur Travel Photography Workshops with, I hope to continue sharing skills, passion and stories with like-minded, environmental and cultural enthusiasts.

NOTE FROM INSTRUCTOR: “I would like to have a mission of the day for each day of the trip, and have a cool task for each day, to get the students really motivated to shoot and learn directly from experience. Of course theory is very important, but a better classroom setting is on-location with cultural and environmental subject matters. I encourage you to exchange learning by suggestive feedback in the group. Let’s practice together!”